Help needed, not happy with new 434hd


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Hi, i've just got a 434hd after 'upgrading' from a panny 4 series.
The pic quality is, i'm sorry to say, is worse than my old plasma.
I'm using Sky connected with Qed squart, HK 30 with Qed component. Am i missing some thing cause i thought the pio would be a better disply being a higher res.
Also i know the fan noise is slightly noticable but occationally it makes a noise like a hard drive from a computer is this normal.
I made the change mainly due wanting a plasma that should last for a while ie hdmi & HD res, any advice in setting it up pleeze.:confused:

PS. Also is it possible to adjust screen with & depth, not just move the position of screen in the set up menue, as according to the THX calibration discs it needs to.


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have you got sky plugged in to scart 1 and have you set it up for rgb on the pioneer have you run it in yet as mine got better after about 2 - weeks

What fan noise i thought the pioneers where fan as i have never heard mine make any fan noise at all :confused:

Picture quality on mine is very good on most channels but as the old saying goes Sh*t in sh*it out so some of the lower band width channels are ok
hope this helps

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