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Well I’ve decided that after 3 years with V21 its time to change. My connection has just been getting worse over the past 6 months. It can take upto a day to download a demo from the mp…seriously! After long consideration I’ve opted to move onto AOL Platinum (£29.99) I called up and made the account, and all they need is the MAC address. I have contacted V21 numerous times in the past 2 weeks and they just keep fobbing me off with “Your in a queue” now I’ve been in this queue for way too long and I feel that I’m getting taking for a ride, so that I will have to pay for next months subscription.

My question is, can I contact BT about this, would they be able to give me my MAC address? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.:(


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i have requested cancelling the account, but nothing has been done yet. I requested cancellation and the MAC the first time i called.


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BT might be able to help you there. I know the can do a similar thing when dealing with phone lines, not 100% sure about broadband though.

If you pay via direct debit, just cancel it with your bank.


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:cool: Luck is on my side when it comes to payments actually, as my card expired this month, so they cant take the payment, any numbers that i should consider phoning up? Will BT have a seperate line for this type of problem?


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MAC allocations are still handled by the ISP, there's no-one else you can call to get one until February next year, when you'll beable to get a MAC issued by the wholesale provider.


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I have no first hand knowledge but cutting and pasting from another forum...

BT Wholesale - Tel: 0800 169 0934
Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday – 8am – 12pm

and said to be helpful.


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Be carefull about canceling without the MAC. It can still be on the line to your house stopping you from getting another provider even though your not paying and have closed the account. .... I think .... :rotfl:

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