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I live in Portishead (BS20 7xx). I have a wideband digitial aerial with masthead amp pointing the same way as everyone elses (roughly South-Eastish). Up until yesterday this then fed a distribution amp to most of the rooms except the lounge and master bedroom. We have Sky HD box in the lounge which feeds via the RF2 output the TV in the master bedroom.
I finally (after 2years) yesterday gout round to adding an extra coax connection between the loft and lounge so that the aerial now goes straight to the Sky HD box with the RF2 output going back to the loft into the distribution amp feeding the other TVs/ PCs in the house allowing freeview and analogue/ sky in each room. I used sateillite grade co-ax and f connectors whereever possible.

Last night everything worked perfectly, we were able to view all Freeview channels and perfect quality analogue on each of the TVs/ PCs (a mixture of Freeview built into the TV, set top boxes and PC cards)...

This afternoon however I turned on the TV just to play with freeview and we have very little - BBC1 & BBC2, no ITV, C4 or FIVE and the analogue channels have become very snowy. I have gone back and checked the wiring (in case an RF plug "fell off") but all seems in order.

Now I have always had an issue whereby the freeview reception seems better on overcast mornings - these were the only times I was able to get 4Music and Dave Ja Vu, and last night it was fairly overcast whereas this afternoon it is sunny - is this purely a coincidence or could the weather & time of day influence this?

I was so excited last night and now very deflated - can anyone come up with any suggestions? If needs be I could get the aerial repalced by a compentant fitter (not me petrified on top of a triple extension ladder) - how much would I expect to pay for this? Any help much appreciated by me (and the wife as I am about to take to the drink to drown my sorrows). Cheers!


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The Wolfbane website predicts your best freeview Tx is Bristol King's Weston Hill at 3 miles distance which is a low powered repeater station using VERTICAL polarisation. Standard wideband aerial (no masthead amp).

UK digital TV reception predictor

UK Free.TV website states you have the choice of WENVOE with a wideband horizontally polarised aerial or King's Weston with a wideband Vertically polarised aerial.

Find out how to receive Freeview | - independent digital television and switchover advice, since 2002

The Megalithia terrain map shows you have a clear line of sight between your approx location (7xx) and the King's Weston Transmitter.

Terrain between ST506764 (10 m a.g.l.) and Bristol Kings Weston, ST547775 (antenna 136 m A.O.D.) - Optimising UK DTT Freeview and Radio aerial location

Maps of the world, street map search - powered by Multimap

I should check all your cable connections again.

A local member of the CAI should be able to sort out your aerial problem if need be. Ask them for a quote.

About the CAI - The Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited

There is a large obstruction to your line of sight between your location and the WENVOE transmitter in Wales.
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