Help needed! Kenwood 3020 x Wharfedale Diamond 9.1



I'm really hoping someone can help me with my first set-up... I bought a second-hand Kenwood 3020 recently and have paired it with some Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s.

But as of yet, I am unable to get any sound of the set-up. My questions are:

  • Are these two compatible?
  • Must I ground the amplifier?

If anyone could help me out I'd be really appreciative!



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Ground terminal is there for connecting a record player turntable to.
The amp is double insulated so only L/N in the plug.

You have speakers connected to the A terminals and the front panel switch A depressed? (Or to B and B pressed).

You have a red light when main on/off switch pressed in? and you hear a relay click/clunk in a few seconds later to make the connection to the speakers?

You are using what as an audio source to it?
Into which input socket?

You have set the Source control switch to the correct input?

The Kenwood will produce sound from the speakers if it's working. But. It may be 'dead Jim'. The service manual appears to be available off the interweb if you're that way inclined.


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Yes, they're compatible & no, it doesn't need grounding.

What source(s) are you using & how are they connected? Pics would be useful.

Starting point is to make sure the Input Selector matches the connection you're using & that the Rec Out Selector is off. Then make sure the speaker selector switches match the speaker terminals you're connected to.


Thanks for both of your replies, I've attached some images showing the various connections + the input set ups.

Can confirm I have a red light following switching on and I hear the 'clunk' a few seconds later. I'm certain I have the dials set up correctly i.e on the input is on AUX and the rec out is set to off. I'm

I'm trying to connect via aux cable as per the pic.

What's does a 'dead jim' refer to? Assuming a system that has power but isn't functioning correctly?

Let me know if you need any more pics / different angles.



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All looks good, maybe try the speaker B terminals & switch setting.

What is the aux cable connected to?


I've tried it on B but i'm still getting noting... The aux is going into a laptop, there is no buzzing or humming when if I touch the cable end which I would usually expect if everything was in working order no...?


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Yes, I'd expect it to buzz. Tried another input? Got another cable to try? Tried it on your phone?


I'll try a few more devices, fingers crossed.

It's the only cable I have, but it works on another speaker system I have.


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If volume turned up is there any hiss or hum from the speakers at all??
Operate the select switches vigorously to and fro all the inputs... in case it's dirty contacts?

"Dead Jim" refers to it being faulty and needing repair (Star Trek: Scotty to Capn Kirk).

With mains disconnected and left for a while it may be worth opening the case, removing the lid to look for any obvious faults (loose wires/connectors, bulging capacitors, ruptured internal fuses etc.,.). If you feel confident in doing so.

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