Help needed: is there a way to control 2 audio devices with media box remote?


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Hi all,

About a year ago, I placed a TV with a media box (Roku) into my basement. The TV speakers, of course, did not produce sufficient sound quality so I decided to get external speakers.

Initially, I intended to connect the speakers to the TV and be done, so a pair of speakers with no amp./receiver seemed like a good idea (at the time...)

So I made a fairly expensive mistake by buying a pair of Dynaudio bookshelf powered speakers.

My friend listened to the speakers and said, "There is no bass!" He was right- the bookshelves did not go down enough...

OK I will get a sub", I thought. Then I realized that there was no way to attach a sub to the speakers because they did not have an output, only inputs.

I figured out that if I inserted a DAC/pre-amp between the media box and the speakers, I would be able to connect both the speakers and the sub to the pre-amp's outputs.
I got a Parasound 200Pre pre-amp and a SVS powered sub, connected everything and the sound became alive.

There was only one problem: I had to use a universal remote because Roku's remote (which is BT) would not operate the speakers or the sub.
Luckily, I had a Universal Remote MX-780 that I was able to program to operate the system.

I have a nVidia Shield in my living room and I like it a lot more than the Roku that I have in the basement.
I would have bought another Shield except there is a problem: the Shield can only operate one audio device. I can be programmed to operate an amp or pre-amp, but only one unit.
I need to turn ON/Off both the pre-amp and the powered speakers.

The pre-amp does have a 12V trigger output, "IR in" and RS-232 connectors.

Is there any way to have the pre-amp to turn the speakers ON/OFF?

thanks a lot for reading this long post.


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