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My Pioneer PDP507XD has two HDMI inputs and a composite input. I have:

Xbox 360
Apple iTV
Audica AVR1 DVD receiver
Sky HD

By my reckoning, that means I'm one input short on the TV.

At the moment my connections (all Qunex 1 cabling) are:

Xbox 360 to TV - composite to plasma, twin audio to receiver;
Sky - HDMI to plasma, optical audio to Audica receiver;
Audica - HDMI to plasma;
Apple iTV - twin audio to receiver, then have to shift a HDMI cable between the iTV and Sky HD everytime I want to change, which is not ideal.

So can anyone tell me what are the best options to hook all this stuff together? A HDMI splitter? Are there any good ones available?

I'd really appreciate any help anyone can provide.



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