Help needed! importing a Barco Cine 7 - is it worth the price?



Hi all,

I have recently sourced a Barco Cine 7 LT with 300 hours on the tubes from Australia :D . It comes with full manufacturers warranty. I am considering importing it to the UK but I dont know if it is going to be worth it after duty and VAT etc. I am not sure how much the projector is worth here in the UK.. maybe some kind well informed person can help? :) Here is the cost outline:

Barco cine 7 LT 2,506 pounds
shipping via BAXglobal 269
insurance 159

subtotal 2,934
14% duty :( 411

subtotal 3,345

17.5 VAT 586

TOTAL COST 3,931 UK pounds

Is this a lot less than I could pick one up for in the UK? Considering it is used (but only 3 months old with only 300 hours - it was an ex demo) I am wondering if I didnt like it would I be stuck with it or could I sell it pretty fast for what I bought it for?

I called Customs and Excise today and they said if the projector is a CRT then I have to pay the 14% duty but if it is a DLP I would not have any duty to pay - that is so unfair. I want to get a nice CRT projector so I can finally say bye bye to my rainbow headachy low contrast DLP. :laugh:




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The Cine 7LT is a really lovely machine. It cost me about £7k to have a brand new one installed 6 months ago. That included two-and-a-half days of installation time in the expert hands of James plus a two year on site warranty and unlimited email/telephone support which you won't get with your import. I would suggest emailing to ask for a quote on a new one. Henry is extremely helpful and knowledgable and have answered all of my emails (over 100 of them!) within 24hrs without exception.


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I would go directly for a retubed 8" EM Focus from a PRO in UK.
808s or G70 for a price between your 4 K and the 7 K.

You have Henry a good support there.


These are my own opinion based on previous experiences expressed on an FREE forum (i hope)


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I agree with JOFLO. Theres a marked difference between 7" and 8" projectors. Once you have seen a properly set up G70 you will not look back. Give Roland a call I know he has a few available.


Hey guys thanks for your input. I guess I like to find a Cine 7LT because I know they are relatively light (compared to other CRT's) and I think the 8" is just too large for me. I have seen a Cine 7LT in action and liked it. I used to own a Sony VPH1271 and it was so huge like 150 pounds.. the Cine 7LT correct me if I am wrong is only around 70 pounds and less expensive. Cheers :)


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I upgraded from a Sony D50, the G70 is not that much bigger than the cine 7. I recon you could persuade Roland to sell you one at about the same price that you want to spend on the Barco. Dont forget youll have some come back if it goes wrong too.
P.S. my G70 is ceiling mounted, no problems.

Tom @ Cinehome

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My dad got himself a G70 for (a lot) less than the imported price of the 7LT you are quoting.


ok thanks everyone - I have decided not to go for the imported Barco. I will either hold out for one over here or take a look at the other projectors on offer :)

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