Help needed: 'Hybrid' fibre HDMI definition and buying advice


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I am going to be running an HDMI cable from my AVR to a 4k projector at a distance of ~7-8m and my current cheap-ass eBay cables don't seem to allow me to enable HDR (It works when I connect everything with 1m cables).

Everybody online (especially on this forum) seems to recommend a Ruipro fibre cable, I think this is the right one(?): Ruipro Fibre HDMI cable.
Using the keywords people often mention I also found this cable: ATZEBE Fibre Optic HDMI

will either work? Are these equivalent barring some brand loyalty and a plastic-y finish?
On the second (cheaper) cable the only keyword that I can't see listed is 'Hybrid' but I can't for the life of me figure out what that means or if it is some required difference or just some random marketing term.

As long as the cable allows me to watch 4K UHD films in HDR over a distance of ~7m then it's grand.
Can anybody Help?

Joe Fernand

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Hybrid in this context means the cable retains some copper lines to carry the Comms signalling whilst the Fibre is used to carry the high bandwidth video (with audio) signal.

Have a look at the HDFury Hybrid Fibre ‘4K’ capable cable - we have had great results in all manner of systems and very high reliability with them.


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