Help needed how best to copy my vhs to dvd


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I want to purchase a machine for my mum to copy her old vhs tapes to dvd.and to connect to her camcorder Can anyone please advise me if its better to purchase a vcr/dvd recorder combi, or a dedicated dvd recorder which would connect to her existing vcr. Also if the dedicated dvd recorder is the best route would it be possible to record the tv onto both the vcr and dvd
any brand recomendations would be appreciated . thanks in advance mike


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It's worth pointing out that if these are pre-recorded VHS tapes then a lot of them are copy protected and so will not copy. If they are tapes she has recorded herself then all should be fine.
I've copied all of mine with a Panasonic recorder and just connected the scart from my VHS recorder into the back of the DVD recorder and away you go, it's quite simple to do once you get it set up.


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You may have macrovision protection to worry about unless the tapes are VHS recordings of your own. ie, camcorder or TV to vhs.
I dont believe combi units will allow macrovision protection to be overcome.
However, if you buy a dedicated DVD recorder there are ways to overcome this problem, some recorders may be able to have a macrovision "hack" applied via the remote. For some you might need a special scart lead that cuts-out that element of the signal.
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