Help needed - HD82 or HD20 vs what others....


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Ok - am having difficulty deciding (or just indecisive :blush:) and desperately need some help so I can have something in time for Christmas (haven't had a TV or projector for 4 yrs now!!)

Room details
1. 16ft x 10ft (viewing wall is the 10ft wall)
2. Projector is going to be at the back of the room - 15ft to the wall.
3. Realistically think the maximum image size giving enough room for the speakers is going to be 7ft so speakers are not squashed to the wall.
4. Viewing distance is 13.5ft (ie where sofa is)

Main reasons for considering a projector are
- key purpose is to watch movies (primarily DVD collection but will expand to bluray once we get the TV or projector), a bit of iPlayer as well which could be solved with a SmartHub DVD player
- big screen experience which we can't get with the TV and makes watching movies an experience to look forward to
- TV will be a permanent fixture whereas with the projector the space is free (will be using the wall to begin with - its white so both good and bad in a way)
- prevents us channel surfing (the reason we haven't had one in the first place)

So we had a demo of the Optoma HD82 and HD20 at superfi today.
(wife is ok with either and just wants me to decide and get the projector or the TV before Christmas!! - if we go for the TV it'll be the PS59D6900 though some of the buzzing issues are a bit scary)

Summary: To my eyes could not tell a huge difference between the two in terms of quality, brightness. Wife noticed that the HD82 was sharper with a bit more detail but not the huge difference we were kind of expecting.

One thing both me and the wife did notice was that the HD20 was extremely jittery (watching inception 3rd scene I think where she is walking down the street in dream number 2 - before she decides to play with the "Physics" element)

This was so bad that both of us had a headache after 10 seconds :thumbsdow - felt like a handheld camera scene (had no such problems with HD82 in the same scene)

1. Has anyone experienced this with the HD20? (they mentioned this was a brand new unit hence wasn't setup - a bit bad as they could have had a sale then? Thinking some kind of motion processing might have been on as it was too obvious and can't believe anyone could watch that)

2. Is it correct that the HD20 has fixed zoom? Might rule it out anyway as image might be too large for our room (never thought that would be an issue!)

3. Is there anything else in this price range (pref sub £1k) that I should be considering which has a zoom so a bit more flexible regarding picture size but good quality as the above?

4. This is going to be our first every projector and the HD82 although brilliant is expensive (initial budget was £1k but can stretch to the HD82 if needed). Just that I don't know what its like to live with a projector day to day and its going to be in our living room in a flat.

5. Are there any places in London that do home trials/demos? think this might be the good option in my instance as thats the only real test.

Not sure whether I am just being paranoid but that jittery motion on the HD20 just threw me off completely (never though I would ever spend that much on a TV or projector and I like gadgets - guess harder to part with my hard earned cash than I thought!!)

any advice in helping to resolve with will be extremely appreciated :lease: (even more by the OH who actually has no issue spending the money and just wants the decision made!!)


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Just checked - the HD20 is out, 100" width image from 15ft :(

80+ views, no responses :confused: (did I miss any info .... )


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I am surprised you had a problem with the HD20 regarding jitters as it handles motion pretty good they may have not had it set up correctly.Anyway it is moot as if you want to have it 15ft from the screen the image is too big.

The HD82 was nearly £3k when first out so is a much better projector and at £1299 is a real bargain.It is a sharper pj and has a better contrast ratio so the image pop's more on screen than the HD20. It is a much larger pj though and from around 14-15ft throw (distance from front of pj to screen) will give a 100" diagonal screen or larger/smaller if you prefer.

If watching from 13.5ft I would want at least a 100" screen otherwise any smaller and from that distance you will not see much difference from one pj to another regards sharpness.

The other projectors worth checking out at under £1k (not 3D ones) would be the Epson TW3200 @£900 approx which is an LCD or the Mits HC4000 around £999 which is also DLP.

The Epson does have lens shift so can be placed almost anywhere the Mits will need to be approx 18" higher than the top of the screen if ceiling mounting or 18" below the bottom of the screen if table or a very low shelf mounting.


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The competition to the HD82 is the Mitsubishi HC4000. I've seen this against the HD82 and can say that it gives it a real run for it's money when viewing them together in the same room. You just have to know which settings to choose on the HC4000 to bring the black levels out as it's not a standard option. Which ever model you choose though neither has 3D as kbfern says.

Fors for both models.

HD82: Lens shift, Excellent image, colourful with bags of detail.
HC4000: Zoom length, Excellent image, colourful with bags of detail.

Againsts for both models

HD82: very narrow throw.
HC4000: No lens shift.

Regards, Shane.


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Thanks for the replies shane and kbfern.

Can't demo the TW3200 or the HC4000 at any of the local stores (Superfi, Sevenoaks or Richer Sounds)

TBH we both liked the HD82 and am sure the TW3200 and HC4000 will be good enough as well. Think its now more about which projector and more about TV vs projector

TV seems the safer, less hassle, more versatile option
Projector has the excitement factor but just no idea how it will be to live with (guess fear of the unknown despite the OH being supportive which can usually be the issue in these cases :( )

Does anyone have just a projector in their home and no TV?
Or any opinions from people who converted from TV to a projector?

Know am clutching at straws as I still have to make the decision - never thought would be so difficult esp with the OH support .. aarrgh!!


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Finally went for it - just ordered the HD82 @superfi

Excited and a bit nervous, my first projector ever :) (and will be the only viewing experience so fingers crossed - thanks for your comments Keith and Shane)

Now just need to get a 10m HDMI cable - any suggestions (off to find on the forum) - know 10m is the limit for HDMI so will have to see how it goes.


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Finally went for it - just ordered the HD82 @superfi

Excited and a bit nervous, my first projector ever :) (and will be the only viewing experience so fingers crossed - thanks for your comments Keith and Shane)

Now just need to get a 10m HDMI cable - any suggestions (off to find on the forum) - know 10m is the limit for HDMI so will have to see how it goes.

I was on the same boat as you and eventually bought the HD82 (from kbferns advice). Excellent piece of kit, thx kbfern! :smashin: If you're ever in doubt, just pop in Avatar blu ray and let your jaw drop! :D


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@raine - hope so too, just getting together to order the remaining kit ie BluRay and HDMI cable once I get the dispatch email from Superfi

Excited :)


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HDMI cable ordered - just BD player pending

still waiting for the dispatch mail, the wait - hope it comes by the weekend :eek:

reading up on calibration as well - so much info out there


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Shane, which settings are you referring to on bringing out the black levels of the hc4000? I'm buying a hc3800 and could use this advice....

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