Help needed from Packard Bell/Lifeview card owners.


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I just sold my capture card on the forums as I was upgrading. I'd bought this off another member and somewhere along the line the original CD sleeve has been lost.

It seems that when you try to install the Lifeview Suite it asks for a serial number and cd key. (Why do companies insist on using cd keys when the software is only really useful with their hardware?)

Anyway I never used the supplied software as I just wanted the card to work under Dscaler so I never knew I needed these, but clearly the buyer would like to be able to use the software!

Can anyone out there who still has the original packaging let me have their details? I have the serial number as that is on the card, no idea if this is tied to the cd key or not so both would be helpful. However I doubt they are tied together.



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You have PM...

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