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Help Needed For Virgin

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by johnboy444, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. johnboy444


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    i have just found this site and need some old hand avice on camcorders i am going to egypt in a month and i have a canon 2 meg pix digital camera and a canon 35 mill film type and am looking to buy a camcorder do i need to spend £500 to £600 to get all the extra bells and whistles ie stills etc but i dont want to limit myself i have looked at disc recorders but am not to convinced i am looking at the sony DCR-TVR33 nice touch screen looks easy to use now at £378 the canon MV 750 at£ 380 and the panasonic NV -GS11 OR 22 al advice welcome thanks john :hiya:
  2. melliott1963

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    Nov 27, 2001
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    Ilford, Essex
    Hi John,

    If you can still get hold of a TRV33, then, as a TRV33 owner, I'd have no hesitation in suggesting you buy one. I think you'll find a lot of happy TRV33 owners on this site. Also, whilst I cannot comment from personal experience, I have heard some people reckon that the TRV33 is better than the newer Sony models.

    I wouldn't worry about the stills capability of any home user camcorders at the moment as they are still a way off from seriously competing with dedicated digital cameras (apart from maybe the real 'ultra budget' end of the scale). Also, I personally wouldn't touch a disc camcorder at present as the amount you can record on a disc, shooting at high quality, is well short of what you can get on a MiniDV tape. I'm also not sure about how you get on when editing the footage on a PC. You may need to decompress the video, edit it, and then recompress back to DVD, which, of course, would lead to a deterioration in quality.

    Going back to the TRV33, if you've got a widescreen TV, then you are able to shoot your footage in 'true' widescreen format. Some camcorders with widescreen settings only stretch the image to appear to be widescreen, so you lose some resolution. I shoot all my video in widescreen, and the results are excellent.

    Finally, could I maybe make a request that in future you use a bit of punctuation (commas and full stops etc.) in your message as it took me a while to decipher your message. You'll probably find that well written questions get more replies. Thanks.

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