Help needed for Sony HT IS100. Speaker levels


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Just purchased Sony HT IS100 home cinema system. I have it linked up to a PS3 via HDMI + optical, Sony KDL40W5810 via HDMI + optical and SKY+ via optical. Speakers are working fine and I'm getting 5.1 sound through on Blu Ray Discs.

I'm trying to alter the levels of individual speakers as the surround ones are quiet. I've followed all the instructions in the manual but can't get the test signal to stop on a requested speaker when instructed. The first system has been returned as Sony said there was a hardware fault, same problem with the new system. Am I doing anything wrong? Can the 2 systems be faulty? Please help!!!



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Maybe I'm not picking up what you're saying correctly, but it sounds like you're waiting for the test tone to sound from the speaker you want to change, then you're trying to select it? If so, that's not what you should be doing.

After enabling the test tone, the system should start to run through all the speakers in order so you can compare the levels on them all. When you've enabled this, you should be able to press up or down on the selection arrows on the remote to manually cycle through the individual speakers - the name of which will also be shown on the system display. Once you've selected the speaker you wish to adjust, press enter/select again.

At this point the display should now change to show the currently selected speaker level setting, and you can increase/decrease it. Once you've changed all your speakers, go back to 'test tone' and switch it to off.

When you say the surrounds are quiet, are you talking about during the test tone, or just when you're watching TV or movies? The front speakers do all the main work, with the surrounds just there to take care of the odd surround effect. In other words, it's normal not to hear audio coming out of them all the time, at the same level as the fronts during normal viewing.

Another thing I noticed was that you said you've got the PS3 connected with HDMI and an optical to the sound system. The optical connection is unnecessary, as HDMI handles all the audio from the PS3. Furthermore, optical doesn't have the bandwidth to support HD audio signals like those found on most Blu-ray movies - so you're actually losing some quality by using the optical.

As this sound system doesn't support on-board decoding of HD audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio) you will need to make the PS3 decode it first, and output it as multi-channel linear PCM (which this system does support over HDMI). To do this go to the PS3 video settings, and make sure HDMI audio out is set to Linear PCM, and not Bitstream.

You will not get the Dolby Digital or DTS lights showing on the sound system when watching a Blu-ray anymore, it will just say PCM. If you check with the PS3's on-screen info display though, you will see that you're getting HD audio.


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Just to add, I think many of us with this kit have found the level from the rear speakers to be quieter than we'd like. Although probably not 'accurate' I have mine turned up somewhat.

I agree that you can't turn the level up while the test tone is actually playing through the speaker, if I understand your question correctly.

Hope this helps.


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Cheers Stevie

Great advice! Shame Sony technical didn't have the same knowledge. Speaker levels now adjusted, thanks very much.

I thought there was a bit of optical cable overload going on!!! Streamlined and working perfectly.

Baz H

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Like Bewce I have recently brought a Sony HT-IS100 and was having the same problems setting the speaker levels manually, so when I saw Stevie’s very informative post I thought I would try again, but still no joy was it me or the way I was reading Stevie’s post, kept trying and got there in the end
But when the test tone was playing I had to press the left arrow to go to test tone then the down arrow to select speakers
Is my software different as it doesn’t work the way the manual say’s

Baz H

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