Question Help Needed for replacement Samsung Blu ray 3d homes entertainment system


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I have a Samsung HTC E5500 XU surround sound system which I have had for four years... in the last week it has completely given up on me and now does not play blu rays of dvds so I am looking to upgrade. I have added to the system a Samsung wireless SWA 5000 wireless reciever for my back speakers.

I am struggling and bought what I thought was the right system today but the blu ray did not have any hdmi in sockets or a place for the transmitter card.

Could anyone advise of any product that is compatible or if not what my best course of action is. I am not great with technology so can't do anything to complicated!!!

Thank you in advance


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The trouble you are going to have is that people on this forum are big in the modularity and quality of the Separates system, and all-in-ones are perceived as "a compromise": ease of use vs quality of sound.
I have an all-in-one in my front room (Samsung HTS-H7500 WM) and separates in my basement cinema room (Samsung BD J7500, Onkyo NR-646 and Wharfedale Pacific speakers).
While the Separates are clearly better sounding and have more features, the all in one is still good, and we do watch some films in the living room!
Before anyone recommends anything for you, there's one important question: Budget!


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I can certainly reccomend this year's version of the all-in-one I have - here's the avforums review of it:

Samsung HT-J7500W Home Theatre System Review

The tube amp is excellent at doing music, and it has Samsung's multiroom system built in, if you want to look at that - we have 3 WAM speakers dotted around the house which is great for parties.

For a very reasonable 429 you can have the 7.1 version of the same system:

Tesco direct: Samsung HTJ7750 5.1 Speaker Smart 3D Blu-ray & DVD Home Cinema System

I use a Logitech Harmony 650 with mine, and can heartily suggest you get one too, if you havent already got a multi function remote,


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I should point out that budget would be too tight to buy a new seperates system, and while you could get 2nd hand, it's not for everyone and you have indicated you dont want to worry about the complexities of set up.


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The SWA 5000 rears have a compatibility statement on the web site :

" Compatible with 2010 Samsung Home Theatres including HT-C5500, HT-C5530, HT-C6530 and HT-C550 ".

They may not be compatible with current systems.


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Many of the new Samsung devices come with wireless rears included - the 7500 and 7750 systems both feature wireless rears anyway :)

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