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Discussion in 'OLED TVs Forum' started by andsaw, Mar 5, 2018.

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    I have a Asus Z97-A MB and running of the in-built graphics, intel 4600, when i connect it to the 55B7V via HDMI im getting some weird effects, the main effect is really small icons and writing and it doesn't matter which method i use whether its single monitor clone or extended, each time i connect to the tv i sometimes get the screen on the tv and but get the control panel on the smaller monitor, and if i try switch back i get even weirder effects like it actually go back to the smaller monitor but stay on the tv with weird graphics. I even had the resolution change on the smaller monitor by itself plus other weird stuff that happens which might be harder to describe as something different happens each time, i had a normal looking screen only once, but lost taskbar, see photo, i have included some photos of the first problem with the control panel one with the weird effect, its like there is compatibility issue going on. I never had any problems with the plasma hd, when i play a film from the pc to the tv its ok, someone i know said put a dedicated graphics board in and that should sort it, but will it? can anyone shed any light on best way forward to resolving it.

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