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Sep 20, 2021
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Hi All

Im hoping I can get some of your expert knowledge with some setup advice.

I am building a multi purpose room in the garage where I am looking to use 2 TVs displaying the same picture but i want to control it from a separate touchscreen interface. The sound will come through an old home cinema system so that should be relatively easy. The challenge for me is the touchscreen as I want to keep as simple as possible. The system isnt being used for anything hugely demanding essentially its for streaming apps Netflix, youtube etc and the 2 TVs will mirror each other.
So I have thought of a few options which is where I need your help.

Option 1: Use an old iPad I have lying around, all the apps I want work on it. The sound can run through the home cinema system via headphone cable or HDMI from an adapter. I guess will need a HDMI splitter to run the 2 screens.
Pros: easy and simple
Cons: My worry is that with Netflix (and others) there is a issue with sharing to other screens when using cast, ive heard the same can happen with cable connections

Option 2: Use an old laptop, its getting on a bit but still works fine. Netflix etc runs well. Not sure if it can handle adding a separate touch monitor AND running another HDMI TV. It definitely only has 1 HDMI port on it.
Pros: Can access all my old photos and videos as a bonus
Cons: I will hide the laptop and it if it needs to be turned on/off then the power button is a pain as i would have to get it out all the time, Not to mention it getting filled with dust and running poorly.

Option 3: get myself an All in one PC or Microsoft surface pro (or similar) to use as the interface and add a hub to connect everything through that
Pros: Touchscreen all built in
Cons: money taken away from the rest of my project.

Other ideas: I have an old Huawei phone with a cracked screen that has a desktop option which could be similar to option 2 above but not sure if you can run an external touchscreen on it. Maybe a fanless HTPC or something like that

Happy for recommendations and there is a money in the budget to spend on it but was trying to utilise what I already have as the computing demands are low. But i'm sure there are systems/software I've never heard of that might be better suited for this.


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