Help needed for a newbie - HDR 4K 60hz PS5 to AVR to HDBaseT extender issue


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Hi All,

New here and glad to be part of it all. I'm looking for a bit of help. I've done a search here and found some useful info on luma and hdmi 2.0b etc but i'm still really confused.

Current home theatre set up is PS5/Apple TV 4K -> Yamaha RX A1080 Receiver (AVR) -> HDBaseT HDMI 2.0 extender (about 7m of cat5e run behind a wall - cannot access it to install a fibre HDMI cable) -> Sony VPL-VW270ES projector

All HDMI cables between each item is 4k HDR compliant. To check this, I ran PS5 -> HDBaseT extender -> Sony Projector and it worked fine with 4K HDR @ 60hz (i think it was 4.2.0 but better than nothing).

I've also checked AVR's HDR capability by running PS5 -> AVR (Mode 1) -> Sony Projector using a very long active HDMI cable (which i've since returned) and all works fine (4.2.2 i think). I don't want to do this because the long HDMI cable is just left hanging from the projector and is a trip hazard for my kids. Also looks ugly.

Therefore the preferred method is PS5/Apple TV 4K -> Yamaha RX A1080 Receiver (using mode 1 HDMI) -> HDBaseT HDMI 2.0 extender -> Sony VPL-VW270ES projector

The problem I have is when I run HDMI Mode 1 on the AVR (the only mode that supports HDR) and connect it to the HDBaseT exender, the AVR cannot seem to process the HDMI signal at 4k 60hz. If I force the PS5 to run at 1080p HDR then the AVR will process the signal. In 4K mode, i can hear the PS5's audio as the AVR tries to make the full connection once every so often.

I've tried plugging in my Apple TV 4K -> AVR -> hdbt -> projector and the hdmi handshake would take a while but it would work intermittently on 4K hdr at YUV4.2.2 (@ 24hz). I was able to watch 4K HDR content on Disney+ for a bit. However, if I switched inputs (ie AV3 input to AV5 for PS5) and then tried to switch back the connection is lost.

I'm thinking there is an issue between the Extender and the AVR but i can't for the life of me work out what! Without each other they can carry a 4K HDR 60hz signal fine. When trying to use them together to that job they just won't do it!

any suggestions on what the problem might be?

The HDBaseT extender I bought was this one HDBaseT HDMI 2.0 Extender over Cat5 and Cat6

Any and all help appreciated! thanks!
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Do you have a TV also connected to the AVR or is it just the projector on HDMI Out 1 ?

Do you have Signal Processing turned on or off?

Are your HDMI cables Certified Premium High Speed ? (They have the hologram and QR Code) - This is a Yamaha Requirement for Mode 1 on their receivers
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Only Projector connected to AVR as output device.

signal processing is turned off on AVR, it’s set to “direct” although I did read a thread that this might not be what it means.
Oh the cables aren’t certified. I didn’t realize this was a requirement. The hdmi 2.0 long cable I bought to test from ps5 to AVR (long cable used here) to projector wasn’t certified but still worked so I thought any hdmi 2.0 would be ok. Guess I might have to buy another one and try it


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Ok so i tried turning on equipment in sequence and got the PS5 to work in HDR for a brief moment.

PS5 -> AVR -> HDBT extender -> Projector - ok at 4K 60hz 4:2:2 in main menu. Went to load a game and it didn't work anymore.

I've been told the HDBT maxes out at 4:2:0 - but if so why would it display 4:2:2 in the main menu when connected to AVR and also it throughputs 4:2:2 when PS5 -> HDBT -> Projector.

My thoughts are that there is a handshake issue between AVR and HDBT. PS5 going into AVR is telling it to display at 4:4:4 - AVR forcing HDBT to display at 4:4:4 which it can't do and the link breaks.

At this point i'm fairly certain the cables aren't the issue, but i'll go and get a certified cable tonight anyway just to make sure.

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'HDMI 2.0' is just marketing guff by the Extender manufacturer.

What you need to know is which HDBT chip set the unit is built on - Audio-Video Products - Valens

Ideally something built on the VS3000 if you want to get optimum performance for the PS5 - they are still quite scarce and that still leaves the AVR in the signal path.

The best, by far, non-VS3000 solution we have tried is the Maestro from HDFury - that would also remove any issues your AVR may be introducing, HDFury Maestro - The Media Factory

You cold also try inserting an HDFury DR HDMI 4K between the Source and the AVR or between the AVR and the HDBT TX - that way you can control what EDID the Source sees, HDFury Dr HDMI 4K - The Media Factory


PS HDFury is available from EZYHD in Aus.


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Thanks all. Seems if i limit PS5 to 4:2:2 (as opposed to auto) and remember to turn on projector first (extender is always on), then AVR, then turn on PS5 (or other 4k HDR source) last, then it will work.
Guessing its an EDID issue which is most likely the extenders fault.

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