Help needed for a new cinema room in my basement


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Hello, everyone,
I am building a dedicated cinema room in my basement and desperately need your help.
The total space of the basement is about 100sqm, but only a part will be expressly dedicated to the cinema room, the rest will be a studio and a storage room.
The cinema room will have a size of about 26sqm; the ceiling is low, just 2.10m.
At the moment it is still without a floor and ceiling, so I would need help with the positioning of the cassettes where the surround cables and devices will arrive.
At what distance should I place the front, center, and surround speakers? How far away should I place the sofa? Can you give me a hand to find the best positioning?
My idea is to move all the HT components, such as the av amplifier, HTPC and consoles (maybe consoles is better on the front?), in a side room of about 6 square meters (which you can see on the map) and get to the center of the wall where the TV or projector will be placed, just an HDMI cable.
I have not yet decided whether to take an 85" television or use the projection screen I already have and mount a projector (I already have an Epson 7400 projector in the apartment above). The problem is that under the wall where the TV (or the projector screen) will be placed, I have a sort of step, or rather a small wall 82 cm high and about 50 cm wide (the dotted line in the picture) and my back projection screen ALR (a vividstorm Opal ALR) has the opening from below.
Thank you, Thank you to everyone who will give me some help


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Hi pal, for me by the time you have a sofa in , I'd be going 85" TV if you've got one or getting one... you'll get more pictrue for you buck so to speak.

In a room with no spare space, yes, deffo keep all your equipment in the other room, that would be handy and leaves as much for the main cinema room.

As for the distances, tbh mate it's not a problem and you can have a full 5.1 system there, all the usual.

However looking at your diagram, is there anything to stop you putting the TV the other end of the room? on the "top" wall so to speak, does it have to go near the dotted lne? You could put the sofa there or am I reading that diagram wrong?


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Hi Pugheaven! thanks first of all for the suggestions and the help. Well the tv is on that wall because i've a access door to the basement is on the other side (the entrance is on the side of the bathroom)

I plan to use that upper wall for a little cellar, with liquors and wine :)

The dotten line represent the basement, it's 82cm high, could be useful if i want to place some other equipment there, like a console, whose bluetooth controllers might have problems if the console was placed in another room.

3.6 m distance from the wall mounted tv so i can use the 85" or 100" tv or screen
3,8 m from the wall for the surround speakers (is it ok? )
2.8 m distance between the front speakers in the middle, the center channel. 40cm from the floor


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