help needed for a bit of mess with my Sony RDR 725 control


Richard ilam

Dear friends

I just bought a new Sony DVD recorder RDR 725 HX and while I was doing
the setup I accidentally changed the Commande Mode from the default
setting DVD3 to DVD1.

Now the DVD recorder does not accept any more the remote control
commands at all and I wonder if any one could help me to reset the DVD
recorder to DVD3 mode.

Thank you in advance



Established Member
1. Have a look in the manual, to see if you can get into setup by using the buttons on the machine.

2. There may be a reset button on the machine. It's usually recessed on the rear or bottom of the machine and you access it usually by inserting the tip of a ball point pen.

Check the manual first though, just to make sure that you are not going to do any harm to the machine.

Good luck

john key

Established Member
Have a look in the manual (haven't got it to hand and can't remember the page), but when you change the commander code on the remote you also have to do it on the recorder itself. It's simple to do, I operate mine on DVD1, as I found a multiregion hack which required the unit to be operating on DVD1.

john key

Established Member
oops, sorry, first post on this forum and I'm giving out bum information already. I'm sure you've figured it out already, but basically, you need to press the stop control on the recorder while its switched off. This will tell you which command mode the machine is in. Then, on the remote, press "enter" and the number of the command mode (1,2 or 3) simultaneously for at least 3 seconds, this will reset the remote to whichever command mode is required.

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