Help needed for 4K tv purchase


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Hi everyone. Am hoping for some help please.

I’m seeking to buy my first 4K tv, the major info will be:

I’m looking for a 55” tv
Budget is ideally around £500-£750 but (even though I don’t really want to) I could go to £1,000 if this will mean a substantially better tv
Uses will be gaming on Xbox one x (so a low input lag will be important) watching blu rays, steaming from Amazon, now tv, Netflix etc as well as watching from sky.
Distance to tv will be approx 9 feet.

I started looking at the Hisense h55u7auk55 which caught my eye but with so much info available you start to read reviews and then compare with others and before you know it the budget has got a load bigger. Others I have looked at are the Samsung qe55q6famt and also the LG oled55c7v (although this is over budget). Would I get a significantly better tv by spending a few £100 more?

Any advice, guidance would be really welcome. It’s about 10 years since I last bought my last tv (Sony 40” lcd 1080p) and I’m way behind the advances with hdr, uhd etc.

Many thanks in anticipation


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Thanks Angelo. Have had a quick look and it’s available from John Lewis and I think richer sounds which will be a bonus for warranty


I think you should do a little more research/reading on the specification of TV you need to get the best of HDR, this is important if you want to enjoy HDR gaming on your One X.

TVs such as the Hisense U7A are good value but they do not have good HDR.

By comparison a TV like the Sony XF9005 and LG B7/C7 do have good HDR and are worth the extra in cost.

Given that your budget is £1000 the LG OLEDs are too expensive but the Sony XF9005 may drop to that price soon. There was a recent price drop to £1080 and someone on here purchased one with a price match at richer sounds but it may not be until black friday that it gets reduced to that amount now.

If you want good HDR the only other option now would be the electriQ OLED at £900.

Even the Samsung NU8000 is not going to be fantastic with HDR, just the same as the Hisense U7A.


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Thanks Dodgexander, I havent previously heard of electriQ - I’ll do some research. Would you say, is it better to pay the extra for the LG oled. I can afford it but am just worried whether I will be able to justify spending the extra if there isn’t a significant difference.

Thanks, sorry for so many questions


I think if you want to be most shrewd with your money, spending as little as possible to get the maximum HDR quality you should keep an eye on the XF9005 and purchase it when it drops in price again.

Last years XE9005 had dropped to £1000 before it sold out and at Black Friday dropped beneath £1100 last year.

So you can expect similar from the new model.

At that kind of price the TV is fantastic value. If you could stretch to the LG OLEDs I do think its worth it too, just as good value as the Sony at £1500 now.

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