help needed! dv79 & CD73T - both required?



Has anyone got any advice for a new member? In order to try and reduce the number of boxes in our small house, I recently auditioned an av250 and dv79 (I want the DVD-A option). To compare, I also auditioned a CD73t. I have to admit that I think the CD73 sounded better for CD replay.

Does anyone have an opinion on the cd73 vs dv79 for CD replay? The difference was subtle, but noticeable, but we're talking alot of cash to get both, when the dv79 is sold as 'comparable' to the cd73.

I think I'm looking for morale support here, so anyone with any opinons or experience would be a help.


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I've got a DV79 and a CD73 and I thought the difference, although not huge, was worth paying the extra for the CD73




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I took the DV79 and CD73 home for a play on weekend. I thought the CD replay was far better on the CD73 although I wanted to buy the DV79 to save on the extra box.

To confirm asked the wife for her opinion. She is always good with these things as she isn't biased by the internet or dealers etc she just says it as she hears/sees it! She listened to the DV79 then the CD73 and within 30 seconds said that is FAR better, that is the one ! CD73 won hands down.

I have since picked up a FMJ DV27 (couple of years old) and the difference for CD is very small although I found the CD73 a little warmer and less sibilant than the DV27.

If I had know I could pick up a DV27 I wouldn't have bothered with the CD73 as I don't need HDMI (projector can't take it).

So If you are desparate for a one box solution I would go for a DV27 or if you want HDMI the DV29, but it will cost that much more.


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I was wondering the same thing ....

The Man From Arcam on sunday (at the Bristol Show) told me that the DV79 was 'slightly better' than the CD73, but nowhere near the CD192.

That was his opinion .... but I've never listened to either.


Thanks for all :) the replies!

IMO, there is no way that the DV79 is better than the cd73, but it was very close. I found that the vocals especially really sprang out of the cd73 (forgive my lack of familiarity with the appropriate parlance). Both were way better than what I have at the moment. Trouble is, it is these small things which are the difference between listening to the music and being captivated by it.

The whole idea was to reduce the number of boxes, not just replace them all with more expensive ones!! :)

I guess I will have to see what kind of deal the shop is prepared to give me...

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