Help Needed - Does this Exist?


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Hi All,

I am trying to find a music/dvd player pref full width separates type that can stream music off a home storage system without using a screen (In other words not having to turn my TV on)

Basically atm I am using a full blown Media Centre PC however having to run that + TV etc to be able to play some music is annoying and the missis always complains of having to use it to play DVD's (She just want's a standard DVD player)

Is there anything like this on the market? Thinking cross between Logitech Squeezebox and (If possible) Blue Ray player as would really like Blue Ray. Only things I can find are PS3 or Media PC and both would require having screen attached and running to be able to choose tracks.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hi, I've got a Netgear MP101 bought quite a few years ago - Support Page

I don't think Netgear make them any more but you might get a cheap one off ebay maybe if you're interested?

I've got mine connected to an Audiolab 8000s and it sounds pretty good even with compressed MP3's. The only negative I'd say is that it's absolutely rubbish via wireless if you've got lots of songs in your library but connected via ethernet cable it works well.

Maybe worth a look?


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Thx for the replies; with both of those they are just Music Players (No DVD drive on them)

I have since seen a couple of CD versions like the Cambridge Audio 740H but nothing with a DVD drive. Looks like I would have more luck looking at all in one systems however would really prefer separates.


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Hmm very nice product that 5000 model; one question do you happen to know if you can browse the music collection without turning on the TV (Just using folder browsing on the LCD display)

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