Help needed connecting PC to Samsung LCD TV - "mode not supported


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Hi - (Apologies for the meaningless Title of this thread - due to overzealous autofill software & me being 1/2 asleep! - If a Mod reads this it should be "Help needed connecting PC to Samsung LCD TV - "mode not supported" error!)

Be really grateful for some help with a problem that's driving me nuts! - All I'm trying to do is connect my XP Pro PC - with onboard GeForce 6100 nForce 405 graphics to a new Samsung 22" LCD TV - one of the B450 series. I'm using a standard 9 pin D VGA cable (think that's the best way to describe it!)

I've made sure I've got the latest drivers from the nVidia site, and the firmware for the Samsung is up to date. I can get a display on the TV running WinXP in Safe Mode, but whenever I try a normal boot I only get a display up to the WinXP splash screen then it just goes to "Mode not supported" when Windows actually starts.

Have made sure that the nVidia resolution is set to one supported by the TV - esp' that the refresh rate is set to 60Hz, but cannot get a display other than in Safe Mode - which I guess means the TV has some kind of problem with the nVidia drivers once they're loaded.

Done some googling for this problem and checking the Samsung support site and manual - the optimum Samsung PC resolution is given as 1360x768 @60Hz - which is listed in the nVidia's resolution options, but trying to get a display with the GPU set to that - or any other - even 800x600 still gives me the same dreaded "Mode not supported" msg on the TV.

Any help and advice would be really welcome!


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I have the same problem! on a newly purchased sumsung 42 incher. The boot screens are displayed but as soon as the desktop background loads up it goes to "mode not supported".

I found that if i unplug and plug back in the VGA cable repeatedly it eventually works and displays in 1920 x 1080.

I've tried using a lower resolution but the same thing happens.

So any help would be appreciated as I don't really want to be behind the tv plugging stuff in for 10 minutes every time i want to use my PC!

I have ordered a VGA to componant cable to see if it can autodetect on the componant in.:confused:


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Phoned samsung customer support about this, Apparently samsung don't reconise this as a problem, but there LCD screens don't detect an input at 1920 x 1080 through the vga, they told me to start my pc in 800 x 600 and once its booted change the setting to 1920 x 1080. This does work but its still annoying having to change settings everytime i turn the pc on or off. Hopefully samsung will release a software patch in future.

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