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Help needed connecting PC to Amp

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Bazmondo, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Bazmondo


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    Ive just ordered a Cubex 64 rig from Mesh Computers which is based on the SHuttle SN85G4. Ive also spent all last week looking for the right monitor and have ordered a Hyundai Q17+. Ive also ordered a pack of Techflex to tidy up my cables.
    Having always used a laptop i had a terrible time choosing the right monitor and didnt realise there would be more than one lead coming from the back. I assumed that the dvi,power and audio would come in one lead. Yes i know....Dumbass!!

    anyway i'm trying to set up the system so that the shutttle can be hidden beside the sofa ( to keep her indoors happy) and the montor can be moved around and put on coffee tables and then put back after use. Therefore i was looking to get a 3-5 meter dvi lead but also need to get a longer power lead for the monitor. I realise the could be some degradation in the signal if i use a long dvi but im hoping it will be ok if i get a decent one, bearing in mind the monitor has a 12ms refresh rate.

    Also i need to get the pc connected to my amp. I need a 8.5 meter cable. the pc has a nvidia soundstorm 5.1 card in it and the amp is a sony digital built in decoder. On the back of the shuttle it has digital in and out leads. I think there the same has the optical lead i use to connect my PS2 to the amp but there two inputs?

    As i'm starting to drone on here's what i need

    1) The best way to connect pc to amp.
    2) The best DVI lead with cost considered
    3) A longer power supply lead fr the monitor

    Thanks for reading this and any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Baz :smashin:
  2. Chaucer

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    Jul 19, 2004
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    Just a general note here. DVI-D signals do not degrade over distance in the same way as analogue signals do. In fact beyond a certain point you get to the "Cliff effect" and you will get no signal at all down the cable. Having said that if you use decent quality cable 5m should be ok.

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