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I now have a budget of £400. Can anyone recommend which speakers and receiver I should buy with this? I went into Richer sounds yesterday and they recommened the Teac AG5d amp and Yamaha NSP100 speakers (the rest spent on cables & stands). Does this sound like a good deal? If not, what else can I go for? I've read lots on the forums about Yamaha & Marantz amps as well as Tannoy speakers. Can anyone give me a (near as dammit) definitive answer as all this tech talk is doing my head in!


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You need to decide what kind of system you want and what you would like it to do. Do you just want a system for music listening or movies or both?
If your looking for both you can either buy an all in one system or go the seperates route. All in one solutions tend to have sub sat systems that have small descrete speakers that are generally good at filling a small room with sound but can be fairly limited offering no upgrade path.
Seperates generally offer more choice and flexibility as you can mix and match components to get the sound you like. They offer an upgrade path as you can upgrade/replace any component at any stage. Seperates imo are better at both movies and music if you pick the right components:)
If you want to start on the av road £400 will get you a system but I'd really think about uping your budget by about another £100. I'd split that £180ish for an av reciever, £280ish on a speaker package and the rest for cable/interconnects.
A good starter system would be (imo):-



or (for something more discrete)



Your should realy go for an audition to help you decide whether you want a subsat system or more conventional sized speaker package. Any questions ask away:)
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