Help needed - blocky blacks on AE100


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Nov 28, 2000
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I'm getting blocking within large areas of darkness. Basically when there are large areas of darkness, there are lots of sort of moving reddish block within it, and it looks very "digitised". The rest of the picture is fine.

Running an AE100 with HCPC. Using WIDE480 and WinDVD. Voodoo 5500.

Seems to be more obvious on PAL DVDs all though that may just be where I've noticed it most.


Tarzan R2. During "Son of Man" the large Ape's arms

Wild Wild West R2 just before you see Will Smith in the large water barrel with the girl you see a panning shot of the barrel itself against a night sky. The night sky suffers badly from it.

What causes this? Is it setting contrast levels too high? Is it a poor Graphics Card?

Any help gladly received.

I'd check your calibration if your gamma is out of whack you'll get posterising in the lower intensities ( you may also find your whites are rather clipped and harsh looking)
The Voodoo 5500 may be the problem - I noticed similar artefacts on my 3500.

Try changing to a Radeon card - even a cheap 'made by' Radeon for around £25 will give you great DVD playback compared to the Voodoo.

I'm using a 'made by' Radeon in my desktop machine, and games play fine with it, so you should be OK there too if you use the same machine for games as well as playing dvds.


Yup been thinking a Radeon might be the way forward.

Will probably invest in one in the next few days. Not really a gamer anyway.

Thanks for the comments. Will report back when I've upgraded.
Almost certainly your card. I have a "backup" HCPC with a Voodoo 5500 and it runs poorly with certain players (WinDVD was one but one of the others was even worse (I think the Ravisent player was the best)) You've Got Mail (don't laugh!) was my test disk as there were several "dark" scenes (clothing etc..) at the beginning of the film which were total crap.

Running my other HCPC with a Rad 7200 basically cured the problem with WinDVD! (I run an AE100 as well)

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