Help needed, basic problem with sound on Yamaha amp

Jon Boy

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Evening folks, quick question to save me wasting an entire day pushing buttons and getting nowhere as I just know this will be an easy fix (hopefully)

I have a Yamaha rx-v673 amp connected to my sky q box and on to an older LG t.v I run 5 x b&w vm1 speakers from the amp, all source connections are hdmi. I have switched the amp on tonight and although it all lights up there is no sound from the speakers. I have tried the test tone which works on all 5 speakers but that's all that works.
I have an aux cable plugged into the amp so I tried that into my phone and the music comes from the t.v speaker but not the vm1s.

Can anyone advise on a setting change here, I dare say the kids have pressed something but I can't figure out what it is, it was all working fine last night.

Any help much appreciated.


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Might be worth checking the TV settings for HDMI link/CEC (or whatever LG calls it). My Panasonic TV "steals" the audio sometimes even though the Sky box is connected to the Amp directly.


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If audio is coming from the TV as opposed to the speakers connected to the AV receiver then this implies that you've configured the AV receiver to pass the audio through via HDMI. THe AVR can be configured to do this while simultaneously portraying audio by the speakers connected to it or to pass the audio through and not use the AVR's speakers at all.

In the AV receiver's HDMI configirations, there's a setting option called AUDIO OUTPUT. There's an AMP option that has an ON and an OFF setting, Ensure this is set to ON. If set to OFF then this dissables the AV receiver's speakers.

There's also an HDMI OUT setting. SEt this to OFF. If set to on then the AV receiver passes the audio through to the TV and this can restrict the audio formats you'd be able to access from HDMI sources. THe source would use the TV's EDID to fetermine the audio capabilities as opposed to using the AV receiver's capabilities.

There's also an option entitled STANDBY THROUGH, but this can be left on if you so wish. THis will allow HDMI source to be passed through the AV receiver while the AV receiver is in standby. It has no effect upon the HDMI signal while the AV receiver is powered up and in use.

Maybe also check that the second (Zone 2) audio zone isn't engaged and that the main zone is actually the active zone? Even if you've no zopne 2 speakers connected, the second zone can be engaged and is indepenfant of the main zone.

If all else fails then you'd need to consider doing a factory reset in order to negate whatever it is you or the kids have done to result in what you have now.

What does the front panel display indicate while you are trying to get it to play something? You can use the INFO button on the remote to toggle the info the display provides.
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Jon Boy

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Thanks guys, got in from work ready to work through your replies and it's working 🤦‍♂️ no idea what happened but at least it's sorted! Appreciate the responses 👍

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