Help needed! Audio cuts out on after connecting KRK Rokit G4's to Pioneer DDJ-T1 controller


Hoping someone can help!

I've just bought a pair of KRK Rokit G4's but after connecting them up to my DDJ-T1 controller, the audio keeps cutting out after about 2 minutes of playing a track on Traktor (pro 3). It'll be fine then all of a sudden there'll be no sound, but the track will still be running on Traktor. I'll relaunch Traktor, and the same thing will happen again.

Before I bought the speakers I was using the built-in audio of my Mac as the output, which I'd connect to a Bose Bluetooth speaker, and I had no problems at all. This makes me think it's either a problem with the controller itself or the cables? I'm using a XLR to RCA cable (which came with the speakers as part of the package) but I wonder if I try using an XLR to TRS cable if it will resolve the issue? The controller has both RCA and TRS outputs, but in theory they should both work? I can also hear a bit of feedback when I jiggle the cables slightly - is this normal?

I downloaded Traktor a couple of months ago so it surely isn't a software-related issue, and because I've got a Mac, I haven't needed to download the latest controller drivers.

Does anyone know what might be the issue??

Thanks so much,


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I don't know what's causing the cutout but I think it's time you did a bit of investigative testing - if you haven't already.

First, the fact that you're getting a couple of minutes of sound indicates it's unlikely to be a cable or connector problem (but never say never). Secondly, if I understand correctly, the cutout problem affects both channels/speakers so it's unlikely to be a speaker problem.

I'm not familiar with any of this gear so my suggestions may be physically impossible - bear that in mind.

The DDJ-T1 has both TRS and RCA outputs. There just might be a signal level issue here so if you have TRS-to-TRS or RCA-to-RCA cables handy, try those to avoid converting from different connections (depending on what inputs the KRK speakers have).

If you still have the Bose speaker, can you connect it up to one of the DDJ-T1 channels and keep the KRK speaker on the other? Does the Bose speaker cut out too?

Try connecting the KRK speakers to the Mac's audio output. Do the KRK speakers cut out?

Have you used the output of the DDJ-T1 to drive other speakers? If so, did it/they cut out?

I don't suppose the input of the KRK speakers have some sort of automatic signal sensing? If so, turn it off.

I suspect the problem is either with the DDJ-T1 or the software or there's a compatibility (perhaps signal level?) issue here somewhere.

Nearly all problems I encounter are rarely hardware related and almost always to do with software - perhaps that's just me.


Thanks so much for your reply, I figured it out though - it was the USB adapter that connects the controller to my Mac! I replaced it with a proper cable and it worked!

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