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Hi All,

Help needed. I dont have much space in my lounge and if I was to get a full size amp I will need to also but a new tv stand.

I have all mission speakers and I am looking to buy an amp for movies and music. I am looking 2nd hand and have been offered a Pioneer VSX501 for £150 and a Denon 3803 for the same price, one on here, one is a friends....... What do you reckon?? The easiest choice would be the pioneer, for space, setting up etc, but the denon does a lot more, I just worry about Denons breaking!!

Help, I need somebody!

Cable Monkey

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If you worry about reliability and think Denon is unreliable then don't buy. Pioneer is much more reliable. Except the one my mate had... ;)

Personally I think you would end up really regretting the Pioneer. It is very much a lifestyle product that is simple to operate because the type of people who buy them are primarily after a switch on, turn up, turn down, switch off experience. If you value quality construction, good flexibility and you are willing to take a (very small) gamble on having to arrange support from their distribution arm here in the UK, go Denon.


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Agree with the above comments from Cable Monkey. What you are comparing here is a piece of kit which when first brought out cost around £800 to something around £250. Depends what you want something that looks nice or sounds nice ? If you did a poll around these parts the Denon would win. But then again - you may have different priorites


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No thats great, you just confirmed what I was already thinking, it has to be the Denon. Plus at £150 its a snip!


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your damn right its a snip! i have a 3803 and i love it! sadly it doesnt have Denonlink which i actually really need (due to wanting to use my 8 channel inputs for both computer and DVD-A/SACD from my 3910'd upgrade to the 3805 but i'd need to get around £500 at least for my 3803 to be able to pay the extra difference since buying my

my 3803 hasnt broken down, its run for almost 2 years pretty much nonstop, its working probably around 10 hours a day on average (its often on when im not even because i turn down the volume on sky when i go to bed so its just barely audible and its on while im at work once i leave in the morning cuz i dont think about it...heh).......only time its off is if i watch a film before bed and pass out from drink, then its on DVD input so no signal till i turn something on the next day...

believe me, as long as the unit is not faulty, you will VERY happy with it, lots of power on tap, plenty of features, very good decoding ability.....nice video switching, upconversion of signal is good, also multizone is handy.......for £150 you would be very dumb not to take

guess i'll be lucky to see £300 for mine

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