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Discussion in 'Computer Peripherals & Consumables' started by Slapaham, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Okay, this isn't strictly PC-related but it would apply in exactly the same way so I thought this would be the best place to post.

    Basically, I'm building an arcade cab with an Xbox. I'm using a keyboard encoder (i.e. a hacked keyboard) for the wiring to the joysticks and buttons. This is PS/2. Now, 2 sets of controls are linked to one keyboard encoder (i.e. one keyboard has the keys for 2 players) but I can only plug it into one control port, meaning that only one player uses the buttons for two (hope you're following!). Basically, what I want to do is have it so I can plug the same keyboard encoder into 2 control ports...

    How would I do this? Well, I have put some serious thought into it and come up with 2 suggestions...

    1. A PS/2 splitter - 1xfemale to 2xmale - problem being I cannot find one anyway - not surprising - but does anyone know where I could get one? This would be the best option really. Really be grateful if someone knows where I could get one from!


    2. PS/2 to USB > USB Hub (the wrong way round - I take it this wouldn't matter as USB is 2way?) > USB to PS/2 (2 of these)

    Would either of these work? Opinions please... Really need to know before I start buying adaptors and cables I might not need!

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