Help Needed 42WP16 (J.S.Box)


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Hi just received my RGB to Plasma box set all my equipment to output RGB (Sky,DVD Player,DVD Recorder) set plasma to componenent in, but i have no signal up from the J.S Box and strangley when the tosh is on the component input i cant seem to chage the aspect ratio from 4.3 i thought it didnt do 4.3 in componenent mode please help.:confused:


The RGB to plasma box is connected to the VGA input on your plasma NOT the component.
Set the input on the plasma to VGA and you should then get a good picture. I have a plasma with RGB/plasma box and it works fine! The aspect ratio change also works. My DVD is connected via component and all the aspect ratios are switchable (4:3, 16:9, Just, zoom).

I thought about asking whether it was the RGB -> component box or the RGB -> VGA box he had but I assumed he would have twigged that the RGB -> VGA convertor had no output suitable for the component inputs on the plasma. Still you never know...



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It is an RGB to componenet box not vga and it is now sorted thank you.


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Thanks for all your help John it now work's a treat thanks again.

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