Help needed! 40" LCD for around £400?


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Hello there!

Wanted to know if i would be able to buy a 40" lcd for around £400.

Dont really care on the brand .... (well, it must be a known brand) with the best specs for around that price.


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That's a difficult choice - the only ones I can think of are the Toshiba 40LV665 which is on offer at Comet for £500. There is also the Sony 40S5500 but again I can't see that being less than £500 even with a trade-in. I believe both of these sets use the same Samsung/Sony S-PVA panels but I am not certain. Edit: Samsung 40B530/550 are also available at around the same price.

For a 42 inch there is probably the LG 42LH3000 though I haven't seen many of them in my local shops or dealers - about £500/550 is the usual retail. I honestly think you would be better off looking at a 37 for your budget.

This is probably one of the better websites (beware of low prices on Google Shopping) - - Best Prices On UK TVs
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Another £500 option is the Samsung$ja=tsid:10561|cc:|prd:565520|cat:TV+%26+DVD+%3E+Television+%3E+LCD%2C+Plasma+%26+LED+TVs+%3E+LCD+TVs

A cashback site / voucher code might help you save a few quid if you can find one

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Yes, I'd probably look at 32 or 37 inch sets and spend a bit of time rather than just have a quick look around based on prices. I know everything comes down to money anyway, that's just my opinion.

I'm actually going to buy a 37 inch since I have more choice with those sets. There are some deals on the 40/42 inch models but I'm thinking about stuff like warranties and service, and in both of these respects the online retailers tend to offer you less.


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hi curries are doing the sony 40s5500 for 599 and you can get 100 off with another old TV for tradein so that makes 499.....

seems a good deal.


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Thanks for your help guys...i'll probably go for the currys £100 trade in offer.....or i might wait for a sale...not really in a rush!

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I thought I'd just say that the Toshiba mentioned above is now £600 at Comet and there is no warranty on that model. All the Sony models and the Toshiba XV series models come with a 3 Year Warranty inclusive to the retail price.

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