help - need to decide within 2 weeks !!


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My loft conversion should be done in 2 - 3 weeks and I need to decide what speaker configuration I am going to use, ie di-pole, direct , two centre rears etc.

The problem is I am using Kef Ci speakers (in wall) so once it is in it will be very expensive to change.

the set up i was going to use was

3 x Ci200Qs for the main fronts and centre (direct)
2 x Ci130ds for the side rears (di-pole)
2 x Ci160Qr for the back rears (direct)

however I am now having doubts as to using di-poles (thanks Uncle Eric ;) )

I already have these speakers apart from one , a Ci130Ds (one of the di-poles) which I still need to buy @ £200.

But I could buy another pair of Ci160Qr and use these as rear surrounds and back surrounds, giving me direct radiating speakers all round. £270 pair so not a great deal of difference in price.

the other option that a couple of people have suggested is using the one di-pole that i have as a single centre surround and the two direct speakers as the side surrounds. Not sure about this option but it would save me a few quid.

or I could buy one more direct speaker and use just one centre back (direct)

So what are your thoughts, di-poles or direct , one or two for centre surrounds ???

Using a Denon 3802 at the moment but always changing which doesnt help.
And this is just for films.

help ;)


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Personally, I´d stick with your original configuration, dipoles at the sides and direct radiators at the back. Quite like the dipole effect myself, as do others.

Hopefully you´ll get some more input from other members.:)


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cheers jase

yeah i think if i were to move up to high end amp and speakers then it might be worth considering direct radiating speakers all round, but at this level I cant see there being a great benifit.

that was the answer I was hoping for ;)

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