Help need in matching AV for Pioneer 504HDE Plasma



I am a complete newbie but would appreciate , any comments.

I am just moving into a flat which has a room of about 23 ftx 15.5 ft , so ideally i would like to get a 50" Pio 504 HDE on a table and stand.

I would be sitting approx 12.5 ft from Plasma is this ok ?

As this is an open plan room, and i have to look at a very wife friendly AV setup, so have chosen the following sytem for the balance of my budget,

Pio 668 DVD/HDMI+ Pio 501 receiver 6x 100 watts RMS + Mission FS6.1 AV + stands approx £1.5k

My total budget is about 7K,

Pio 504 HDE+stand+ Alphason table is approx £5.5 k

Have looked at Kef eggs , but on stands they look a bit out of place , and outside budget

iI also need to blend into a fairly neutral colour scheme

My primary listening is going to be DVD+TV, with occassional Music from Norah Jones, Joan Armatrading, Fletewoodmac+ classical,

Would the soundstage be reasonably coherent, i am looking for no real sweet spot as i like to be immersed in sound, but would also like a fairly well defined soundstage ion MOvies

Any advice would be very helpful ?


Well, I have a similar set up.

504, 868, AX5 & FS1 (5.1) bought the Missions 'cos they were very "wife friendly" & I actually DO like the sound stage they produce.So no regrets at all! (I have a separate set of 770's + amp & CD player for cd & records.)

BTW, if you want, I have an unopened desktop stand for the 504, so pm me if you are interested.


Well, I am also planning a similar setup
Pio 504 - should get it tomorrow - safely I hope
Pio 868
Pio Ax5i
Kef 5005 - they get good reviews, wife friendly and IMHO definetly look better than the eggs (much less intrusive I think)

get an HDMI player if you like detail, a component player if you like contrast. make sure the player is pal / ntsc prog tho..

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