Help need advice on replacment sky+box new amstrad or refurb pace


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Hi all an enginer is calling out on sunday to replace my 2nd sky+ box which i have had 2 amstrad boxes. The question is he says he has a van full of brand new amstrad boxs and 1 refurb pace system, I paid for a new install about 8 weeks ago and have had 2 amstrad boxes since then as this is my third now.

I have been toled by sky that thay will give me a new one but the enginer said i can have a brand new amstrad or a refurb pace but its up to me so the question is what should i do ?? he toled me the insides of the pace would be brand new and fully tested i just dont know what to do can anyone on here give me advice.



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anyone hes coming today


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The Pace BSKYB3100 model probably has the best "customer satisfaction" rating overall.

Do a Google search for "Sky Plus model numbers" for a comparison of features.


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If it was me I'd play up for a new pace box but if they won't do that, I'd personally go for a refurb pace over a new amstrad - I've had both boxes and the pace is far, far better.


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thanks for all the help and here it goes its abet long but if you read it you will find out what happened better.

The engineer came Sunday asked what happened and what was going on so I tolled him, he was a very helpful and nice bloke to be honest and I would give him 10/10 for help and support. (he was a true sky engineer not a crap subcontractor)

He checked my dish signal and said it was ok but it was on border line but was ok to use but he said sod it we will start from scratch, he said he would put a brand new dish and lnb up at the front of the house instead at the back where my old dish is. (old dish which just had a new lnb and cable fitted 8 weeks ago but the dish was about 8 years old)

The engineer said the cable was only 8 weeks old but as the cable went down the front of the house up over the roof and back down to the dish was abit of overkill in cable length and he said because the cable was not tied down it could move back and forth in the wind and could create a poor point in the cable which in turn case problems later on.

So he took all the old dish, lnb and cable and scraped it an replaced a whole new dish, cable and lnb at the front of the house all wall tied down very neat and tidy and half amount of cable used, so all nice there also the signal was allot better to both lnb inputs are now 90% strength and single quality are 90% also as with my old dish they where about 50% signal and quality strength so a 40% improvement.

anytime off
instant rewind off
rgb on
16:9 on both
version 5.2f software

He then went on to replace the box he said we will try out a new Amstrad pvr3 box and see how we get on I said ok as the dish was replaced it ment it might work this time so I said that was ok. He set the new box up tried a couple of ways to record and it was all ok, great I said then he said if I have any problems in the 30 days give him a call instead of sky and I will come and sort it as he hates leaving customers unhappy but after 30days I would have to ring sky he said why but?, have to say what a nice bloke and he went.

After 5 mins I tried recording from ITV1 and guess what lip sync problems again I could not believe it I was so angry with this crap Amstrad system I phoned him back and he said oh dear i`ll come back straight away, anyway I recorded 10 shows on ten different channels and then a knock at the door come in I said, he asked if I had deleted it I said no bit I said sometimes if you go back to it its ok.

anyway I showed all 10 recordings and not 1 of them was out of sync and I felt a right plum but he said don't worry as he believed me then I said to him I tell you what I will recorded stuff like I would normally he said go ahead.

By the way I found out how to make the Amstrads go out of sync I am going to try this on my friends box also.

I started of recording from UKliving or UKliving+ then started to channel hop about 20 channels as we do this allot then went into the menu then the movies and went to the 2nd or 3rd movie down on the list watched about 1 min then went to the menu and stopped the recording and played it, was out of sync all over the shop it even did not play the sound for 10 sec at first then it would freeze a littlie then start to play like it was trying to sort out the recording ?.

We deleted it and tried moving the box to another location as it was next to some speakers but to be honest they are fully shielded and are very hi quality kefs and are not cheap so I could not see this making much difference and the box worked about 70% of the time anyway so i would of thought it would fail on all recordings if it was the speakers and not just that it was about 2 3 to 5 foot away but we moved it about a foot or 2 away and we did the above again and yes it was out of sync again, the engineer could not believed it he said he has never seen this before and to happen on 3 Amstrad boxes was unbelievable and he said it has to be a software bug in the system.

he said was I willing to take a refurb pace at this point I aid yes so he went and got a refurb pvr 3 pace he hooked it all up and guess what the bloody thing would not even recorded the engineer said he was very sorry about all this but I said to him its not his fault or mine, he had another refurb pace so he got that one hooked it all up and worked tried all the recordings different ways this way that way changing channels the lot and it never failed at last.

its been 24 hours and still ok touch wood, so this is my 5th box in all in 8 weeks 3 in the space of 2 hours I have to say the Amstrad it not very good there is just to many problems with the lip sync recordings and there seem to be allot of people with this problem also maybe its the way you record the programs we do allot of recording and channel hoping at the same time maybe this causes it ???? I just don't know all I can say is I know 5 people with these 3 of them have Amstrad 2 have pace the 2 that have got pace have had no problems apart from the odd crash here and there which just needs to be reset but you used to get this on the older none sky+ boxes anyway the 3 I know who have Amstrads

1 has problems with live shows pausing the odd time then starts up this happened to me as well on the last Amstrad box

2 and lip sync problems which I have to admit they don't have many not as much as me anyway but like I said I think it depends on how you record like I said above give it a try and what happens.

the engineer was top he was great and still said if I had any problems to give him a ring but to be honest if it does go wrong I will never touch another Amstrad and might and try to get a HD box which I think are the toms boxes as I have had it up to hear with them.

about the pace model over the Amstrad

1 changing channels is about the same speed as the Amstrad not much in it very very hard to notice that its faster at doing this.

2 the sound of the system is about the same to me to be honest they are about as loud as each other

3 the playing back and stopping is allot faster then the Amstrad allot better infact its allot more responsive and it plays the recording instantly which no lag and the sound is straight on to the Amstrad had a sluggish response with the recordings and the sound would take about 3 sec to come on when it was working.

once question with refurb units are they all new insides ??
he tolled me the insides get replaced with new parts ???

my model number says in the menu its a 9f22nn so this is a PACE TDS470N 160GB (80GB) = PVR3 ???

also he left me an extra sky+ remote for my global and the only 8 weeks old 4 way LNB from the other dish nice

thanks all ask any question if you wish


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I had a pace v2 (3100) for four years and it was brilliant. I upgraded the hard disk to 250gb after the orig failed in 1 yr and it was awesome.
In nov 08 the machine then died (hdd ok) so after a moan to sky they sent a refurb PVR3 Amstrad!. (3mnth warr). This is a very slow machine and constantly whistles internally, so they are coming back Friday 23rd to repalce and ive asked for a Pace pvr3.
The internals of the Amstrad (recon) are an older amstrad DRX180r-1 issue 3c board dated 2004!!!!!) (printed on board).
So open yours up to see whats inside and then if you need to upgrade you know what disk to match to the board!.


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