Help! Need advice on full home setup...


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Hi guys,

I've been browsing the internet looking for a solution to my AV based problem and would love a setup suggestion from anyone.

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place!

Ok so I have

My Sources -
Playstation 3 with HDMI Output
Xbox 360 with VGA Ouput
A Virgin Media Box with a HDMI Output
1 PC with a HDMI output
Another PC with a HDMI Output

My outputs (if that is the right word?) -

A Samsung 40 inch TV, only a few years old. Full HD, 4 hdmi, she is lovely.
1 Monitor with A HDMI (Monitor A)
1 Monitor with a DVI Cable (Monitor B)
A 2.1 PC Speaker Setup which I feed with a red and white audio cable (currently only working with my Xbox :) )
A Nice Wireless Gaming Headset

What I would like -

I'd like to be able to switch the PC output from Monitor A to TV and vice versa
I'd like to be able to switch the Xbox/Playstation out put from TV to Monitor A and vice versa
I'd like to switch the sound output from the TV itself -> my 2.1 speakers or even my wireless headset (which hopefully I'll be using the microphone for on my PC/Xbox/PS3).

I hope you can help me whoever you are genius man. I'm willing to spend a few hundred pounds to get there. Hope this is all possible.

Sorry if this is super simple to get setup! One last thing I wanted to reiterate - I've been into a few stores (Best Buy/Dixons/Currys [big electricals here in the UK]) and basically none of the staff have wanted to deal with me!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and super super thanks if you have any advice.


Hi and welcome to the forum.
The TV and monitors are "Display Devices".
You can get HDMI switches that may or not work but they needn't cost much so you could at least try them.
If the TV has a Scart Output socket you can convert that to take red and white audio cables which could combine with the ones you have already.
There's very little cost so far, but if you really want to spend a few hundred then get an amplifier/receiver.
That would take all the inputs, provide their audio, and pass their video through on a single HDMI cable.
Some will allow for video output to two displays.


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Hi, I thanks for the response. I'm interested in the av receiver route, looking than spending no more than around 250/300 quid, any recommendations? Also will I need a load of cables? Any additional information you have let me know I'm all ears!

Thanks a lot


That's OK, and an AVR is the essential part of any AV system - it's the only;) route.
I can only report experience, and mine is that my Onkyo which recently replaced the previous one has all the connectivity that you need, and it is working very well.
HDMI cables and speaker cables aren't exactly a major part of the expenditure on any AV system, but speakers can be and if you want a full 5:1 system have to be.
Feel free to ask for any further details.

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