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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by emers0n, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Hi guys,

    I've just signed up, i'm looking for some advice, i'm sure you can help!

    I'm totally new to the AV scene, I'm looking to get a setup for a about £600ish give or take £100...I would like to be be suitable for both Listening to Music and Playing Movies...

    I've been told that a good budget all round amp is the Cambridge Audio i've set my sights on that already...

    Looking to get maybe just a 3 speaker setup at the permitting...consisting of Front speakers and a centre speaker...

    The question being, Which speakers would be good all rounders for both Music and a reasonably small room.

    I'm interested in the Kef Q Compact and Q6C Centre...what do you think?

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
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    well, tbh if you are happy to do what i did and build the system up over a bit of time, i would consider this route, get the Denon 1906 receiver amp, and a pair of Monitor Audio RS1' thats going to pretty much eat up the £600, if you go to Sevenoaks for this and tell them you will eventually expand to a full system then hopefully you can get them to chuck in some speaker cable cheap or even free ;-)

    the MA RS1's are lovely speakers, i have heard them now, altho i personally own the S series which is the predecessor......

    anyhow, this way, you get a lovely pair of speakers for music and a none too shabby amp, Denon and MA work well together (altho ask in the shop for other options, if you book a demo they will be happy to setup other brands they stock). This then leaves you future options, you can get the RS centre at a later date with a pair of RSFX bi/dipolar (switchable) surrounds, the centre is around £250 and the RSFX's are around £400, but again if you buy them together or during sale season you can get them cheaper, i did when i bought my S series at some point get a nice sub too, or buy the sub first, then get the surround/centre speakers......then finally a DVD voila, you will have a spankingly good sounding system, with both music and movies :)

    btw, sorry, i havnt heard the Q series you mentioned, so i wont comment on how they are compared to what i've mentioned.....and i've just realised, did that £600 have to take in to account a DVD player too?....if it did then for the time being find a cheap but decent Toshiba for around £60 to make do untill you can afford one to match the seriously is worth taking a year or two buying better components, you end up with something much more lovable than buying as much as you can to begin with for a smaller sum......

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