help my tv may be dead



got a philips pw9616

switched it on today and i can only get 4.3 format and it is all out of shape with lots of black edging around it

when i try to change the format it say picture vertical squeeze and goes even smaller with more black edging . the small picture that appears seems fine but its like a pc mointor screen all bent in at the middle

any sugestions would be great :clap:


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It doesn't look good. Have you done anything different with it recently? Connected it to something new or moved the set? Any mains problems or mains spikes? I'm just wondering if somehow the service menu settings have got corrupted. Is it still under guarantee?


no done nothing to it just got up on sunday switched it on and it was crrok

no its out of guarantee

any idea what it is???????


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it sounds to me like the e-prom+ painter chip main micro ic may need replacing or reseting £100-200 get a free quote frist!:)

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