HELP! My Toshiba RP Widescreen keeps turning off and staying off...



Hi. I would be really grateful for any help. My TV a Toshiba Widescreen rear projection - keeps going onto standby for hours on end and will not switch back on.

I have checked all the normal causes - but nothing seems to help. Sometimes it goes off and then switches back to viewing after a few minutes, but today its been off for 9 hours and its still off :mad:

Does anyone out there have any idea what I can do to rectify this please - I would be soooooo grateful.

Thanks, Luci :lease:
What type of rear pro is it (DLP/CRT/LCD)?

How old is it?

It could be the bulb or guns failing if the set isn't new.

BTW Welcome to the forums. :)
My Tosh RP did exactly the same thing (didn't switch off automatically, but once I switched it off, it wouldn't come back on for days, even sitting and pressing on and off all night).

After realising insurance wouldn't cover it, I called a local tv engineer (found one who was happy to work with RPTVs and tosh's in particular) and he said was a common problem in tosh rp's caused by the teletext card. He soldered it there and then for 90 quid (+ setup my convergence using the enginner mode as a bonus) and not had a problem since.


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