HELP! My Sony video 8 Pro is not ejecting?



I have just purchased an old style Sony Video 8 Pro camcorder MODEL : CCD-V100E on ebay. It came with a tape already in it, but the tape functions do not seem to be working. I think the eject sign is displayed on the digi bit but nothing happens when i move the eject slider. The camera featre does work. It did not come with a manuel. I am a woman with no clue, can you help me?



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I think you've provided the model number of the battery rather than the camcorder. If it is a Video 8 model the model number should be CCD-TRVxxx. Manuals are available on Sony's web site.

Is there a small blue button on the back of the camera? If so, press this & eject simultaneously.

Peter Brereton

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The Sony CCD-V100E is around twenty years old now, I used to own one! The usual cause of faulty eject was a faulty mode control motor, these were very difficult to replace and in any case I don't think parts are available anymore. Compared to modern camcorders it's performance was very poor.

Peter Brereton


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Not sure about this model, but most camcorders need a battery with power in it to open /close the tape bay.
Try charging the battery and fitting to the camcorder to see if this works or not.

Good luck:)


My Dad actually discovered that the tape already inside was jammed and mangled ?don't think it's fixable ... i am now in dispte with the ebay seller who says it was damaged in posting ....yeah right...!!!
Thanks for your help everyone!!!

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