help! my new LGCX INTERNET is slow AF


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i have a mesh network setup in my house with 3 nodes. I'm using the eero pro mesh network. My room that's on the opposite side of the house of where the modem is at now has 200mb download speed and 14ms ping....on my iphone! lol

but when i test my internet speed on my new LGCX(which is in the same room that i get 200mb speed on my iphone), my ping is 472ms and my download speed is 5.48mb. ...and that's with the tv hooked up to the node with a cat6 cable lol. when i connect the tv to the node via wifi, i only have a 2mb difference.

what's going on here? how do i fix it?
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i resorted out my mesh network and it helped a little bit. i then went to 9mb download speed.

i then tried something else:
i unplugged my ethernet cord from the tv and hooked up my tv to my bedroom node via wifi and now, i have 36.18 download speed, 11.88 upload and a ping of 79ms! that's awesome!

i though ethernet was supposed to be faster than wifi. is my new internet speed on my tv good enough for me to watch a 4K movie through amazon prime?


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but it does bring me back to the question of: why is the speed faster on my phone than the TV?

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