Help! my LG HX906TX wont play Region 1&2 DVDs & also shows Bluray region mismatch.


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i just bought the LG HX906TX 3D Bluray home theater, when i try to play my DVDs its keeps showing "check regional code" then ejects the disc, Also ive tried to play couple of my bluray discs but no luck all i get is a screen "showing me region code mismatch".
Pls any help as regards unlocking code for region free operation or whatever will be much appreciated.
Prior to buying this unit i checked the specs of this system on LG's website and it said the player supports ntsc & pal DVDs,
LG HX906TX Home Theater Systems | True 360º 3D SOUND From 9.1 Speakers - LG Electronics UAE
i went ahead to buy the system cos thats just what i needed, on getting home to use the system the DVDs are not playing! so right now i feel like ive been ripped off again by LG.:mad:


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Almost all blu-ray/dvd players support NTSC&PAL discs but only if they are region free or the same region as the player. That statment does not mean the player is multi-region for DVD playback or multi-zone for Blu-ray. It may be possible to make the player multiregion for DVD with a remote hack if there is one but multizone for BD would almost certainly require having the player chipped assuming anyone makes a mod for that unit.


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this i find quite surprising cos the LG HT806TQ that i last bought before this one actually played both region 1 & 2 DVDs, so this is quite unexpected. the Multizone for the BD i can pass on cos i have a ps3 that happens to play most of the Bluray discs in my library, but any solution to make the dvd playback multiregion id so much appreciate.
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