Help!! my ITV has gone completely !!


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This may not be the right place to post this question but I am new to this so I am not too familiar with this forum. I am not using Freeview and this question is related to normal analogue broadcast.

Only a couple of days ago my ITV has gone - can vigourly see the picture and sound has copmletely gone. All other channels (BBC1&2, CH4) are fine and I can see ITV from Satalite. I have retuned my tele - although it seems to be finding the right "channel" the picture/sound are just the same.

I have checked with a friend who lives down the road and he has no problem whatsoever. (FYI I live in West Midlands).

I am now stuck with this. If it is my tele then I guess it should affect all other channels. It is only 3-4 months old. If I switch to digital all is well. I can see ITV from through Sky.

Can anyone suggest where else I can look into please?

Thanks in advance.


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What's the make and model of TV?
What transmitter do you use?
Do you live in a building with a shared communal aerial?


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Thanks for your reply.

My TV is a Samsung but I can't remember the model. It is 3-4 months old.

I have actually tried it on other TVs in the house and they all seem to be the same(ish). The picture from ITV seems to be blur and sometimes completely gone. So I don't think the problem is with my Samsung TV.

It is probably the aerial, or could be the "booster" there was installed 8 years ago (the Sky man installed a booster so that we can view Sky in other room). I think I will get some engineer out to check this.

Any more thoughts anyone?


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It's probibly the aerial or coax sometimes when an aerial drops down when the clamp breaks reception detioriates but one channel can be in a null and the same effect can happen if there's water in the coax.

As all tv's are affected then you need to get the aerial looked at.


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