Help My HT300 Won't Work


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Can anyone suggest anything ? I am frantic. I have the RI2 interface connected to the HT300 PJ and non if the inputs seem to work. The PJ comes on and I can view the setup menu but no image. The RI2 light comes on suggesting its working OK. I tried to plug my DVD player in via its component cables directly to the PJ thus bypassing the RI2 but still no joy. Lifes not worth living without my baby - please someone HELP!!!


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Thats too grim to even think about..
PM me your phone no. and I'll ring you with some suggestions.
Ian Guinan

AD Roser

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Can I suggest you contact your dealer where you bought it from and then perhaps we can help you solve the problem.


Alan Roser
Technical Director
Owl Video Systems Ltd.


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Thanks guys - sorry I was't around to see your posts - but I have been quite upset - and frantically calling my dealer - Ian I'll PM you my mobile - love to hear from you anyway - Gordon - Wheres the picture mute button - if the solution is as simple as this I'll kiss you (and I'm not an unattractive man !). Alan - good to see you on the forums - thats what I call service - My PJ - (which when it's working is quite fantastic by the way) was installed by a company called Pyramid in Manchester - mainly by two guys named Phil - and Simon (Fulstow) - both excellent guys. I've called Simon and he's coming around today to take a look. Hopefully it does't have to go back to you at Owl - once you've got one of these things it's hard to do without them. I've already had to phone people to cancel this weekends cinema night. Wouldn't be suprised if you picked up some business Alan - all my mates have been mightily impressed.

On a seperate subject (this is where Spectre deletes me for going off thread - I have had my PJ for 8 weeks - and registered on Sim2's site. They e-mailed me to tell me the HT300PLUS is available soon - can the benefits of this be retro-fitted, or are you offering any kind of exchange deal (he asks more in hope than expectation) ?


Never seen this projector although heard great things about it :). Anyway does the menu have an INPUT SELECTOR setting?, some projectors have this kind of option with values like AUTO, SVIDEO, COMP, DVI, VGA

If its set to AUTO then maybe force it to one of the inputs you are trying to connect to.

Just an idea anyway , gl



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No luck Gordon - all that happens is I get a message saying no signal. Simon has just arrived and after an hour of fiddlng and a few phone calls to the local Owl rep - he's taken it away for a look. It's like losing an eye (well that might be a slight exaggeration) But hopefully it will be resolved ASAP - I will post when it is with the solution - it may come in useful to other members at some point.

JR - It does indeed have an input selector - but all the inputs are dead - via the RI2 and also directly connecting it to the PJ - you get the splash screen with SIM2 logo and the menu screen - but any change of input is met with the message no video input.


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I had a similar issue with an HT300.
Its a problem with the RI2 ( Now solved, later version ). When connected it stopped the input board from working. The PJ had to go back to OWL who fixed it very quickly.
The Key to this is DO NOT CONNECT or DISCONNECT anything from the RI2 unless the PJ is swithed off at the wall.
Had no further problems.
Hope it gets sorted soon.


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I got a call today saying my video board was frazzled, and would need to go back to Owl for repair. I've got to say if it is due to plugging stuff in via the RI2 I will be very disappointed. How inconvenient is it if you have to switch the PJ off at the wall. I have a custom install and the power cable is not easily accessable. It would explain why it went phutt though - as I had just plugged my PS2 into the component sockets of the RI2 (while to PJ was powered down but not while unplugged).


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Hope the fix doesn't take too long Andy :(

All the best


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Thanks Spikey - I was told Wednesday - which is today - but I still haven't heard anything.

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