Question Help! Musical Fidelity A3 Duel Mono Integrated Amp went up in smoke!!


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Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forum and find this site very interesting, I can probably lose hours and hours here!

Last night my much loved Musical Fidelity A3 Dual Mono Integrated amp went up in smoke & filled the room with the glorious smell of what reminds me of toy caps as a kid then blew the ring main :(.

This morning I took off the lid to see what caused the problem & it looks like the mains capacitor (linked between the live & neutral directly behind where the power cable is plugged in) has failed/melted & caused a straight short between the live & neutral.

My problem is because the capacitor has melted I can't read it to get another. The info I can read are as follows: RIFA
P** 271 M
250 VAC

On the back, as follows:
275 v~
Unfortunately, all other info has melted away. Can anyone help identify this? Soldering another one on looks an easy job but unless I can identify the part I'm too worried about the damage that could be caused.

Many thanks.


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I suggest you contact MF and ask them for relevant information. Make a note of your amp serial number and quote it in correspondence. Hopefully, someone here with knowledge of the amp will respond.

wine man

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If you're in the UK Henley (who also handle Project & Ortofon) are now the agents & service people for M.Fid.


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Thank you for your replys.

Over the last few hours, I've learnt a few things about capacitors.

Just in case this happens to anyone else it is a RIFA PME 271M 220n X2 capacitor.

The numbers which would have been 40/100/56/B only relate to climate (min temp, max temp, days of continuous usage) so when looking for a part in this application anything meeting or slightly exceeding these would do.

Got a bag of five from RS component for £14.00 so I'll sort it next week.

Thank you again for all the help, I will keep the info & links in case anything else crops up.


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