Help - Mpeg Playback Audio Sync Problems


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Foolishly, I installed a codec bundle from the internet, and now when I play my mpg files, the audio is out of sync with the video (the audio appears to be faster than the video). I know my mpg's play fine usually.

I am using Power DVD XP for playback. I have tried uninstalling the various parts of the codec bundle, but it doesn't help. Does anybody know which codec is likely to be causing this? I guess I can reinstall power dvd again, and that might fix it. I appear to have a lot of codecs installed now, but I don' even know whether it's the video or the audio codec that's misbehaving. It's codec hell!

I've had this before after installing some codecs. I don't remember how I fixed it previously - probably uninstalled/reinstalled something.

Tim Cooper

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Are you running XP? if so try a system restore a point before you installed the codecs.

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