HELP mounting a 49'' TV to a plasterboard wall


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Hi All I'm in need of a bit of advice on the best way to mount a 49" TV to a dry lined, stud plasterboard wall. I know its best to look for the wooden struts behind the wall but I'm concerned they will be in the wrong place. So if the wooden struts are in the wrong place which is the best way to fix the TV to the wall. Due to the position of my sons bed I need to use a swivel and tilt TV bracket arm. I'm just worried the whole thing is going to come down. Should I fix a wooden board to the struts then fix the TV bracket to the board? Any advice would be so much appreciated.

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Belt & Braces - either a board on the outside of the plasterboard or cut out a section of plasterboard then insert the required support (and cables) before putting the plasterboard back and making good ready to affix the articulating mount.



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I feel your pain, I'm currently trying to mount a 50" on a paramount board wall. Consider yourself lucky if you've never heard of it. It's two sheets of plasterboard with 1 1/2" honeycomb cardboard between, 1 1/2" batten along the floor and ceiling and between each section. How it ever meets building regs is beyond me. My house has it everywhere... all going to be replaced with timber stud eventually.

Anyway, enough of that....

I've previously used fixings like these DeWalt Plasterboard Fixings Metal 25mm Pack of 100 to hold up a coat rack. The coats hanging on it are a lot heavier than the TV, but they don't tend to break in quite the same when they hit the floor.

I'm going to try a Rawlplug heavyweight plasterboard fixing, rawl's part number is 41-645 (wickes sell them), 6 in a pack and I'll use the whole pack. I've used them before for radiators and they seem to work well. Failing that, I'll find the battens in the paramound, fix a bit of 6' x 2' x 1/2" MDF to them and then the plasterboard at regular intervals, paint it to match the wall and mount the TV bracket through the MDF into the wall. That's probably belt and braces approach though, I'm sure the rawl fixings will be fine.

How heavy is your TV?

Edit: Well, I went with the pack of Rawlplug 41-645. I could swing on the bracket. The bracket I used was an el cheapo Tesco on, just holds the TV to the wall no tilt, no swivel no nothing.
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