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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Sornow, Apr 23, 2007.

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    I've just taken delivery of a Mirai 27" telly today from TechFever, and while it looks cool, there's a problem. I have it plugged into my stereo system or headphones. because the speakers are pretty poor, as you might expect from an LCD.

    However, while it does play through the speakers when it's working, whenever I turn the TV on first time, it starts playing through the built in TV speakers at a crazy volume. Changing the volume down via the remote does not change the volume at all.

    So in order to get it playing through the speakers and headphones, I have to do one of two things. Either unplug the speakers and plug them back in again, or change channel. Then it starts playing through the speakers or headphones, whichever I have plugged in.

    This is pretty damn useless because there are other people in the house, and if I decide to watch telly late at night, I'll wake them up with the TV going full blast.

    Has anyone else run into this, and knows of a solution? Does the AOC 27 inch, also from Techfever, do the same thing? If there's no fix for this, I'm sending it back and either getting my money back or exchanging it for the AOC.

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