help me with my sim2 please


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hi there all, if anyone has a sim2 projector could they please help me.

Firstly, I have a sim2 dmf 200 projector (which is great) and a 5 foot widescreen screen.

Through me and my friends playing around with it we have 'stuffed' up the image. At the moment, I can display an image about 1 metre by 75 cm in the middle of the screen. I can use the zoom function and the user defined pixel settings to fill the whole of my screen but this results in the brightness/contrast text that gets displayed appearing at the bottom of my screen on the wall. I also get light spilling out past the screen and onto my wall.

I know my projector can display an image upto 12 metres, but how do I do it? When I zoom I loose detail and even then the zoom doesn't fill much past my 5 foot screen. I sit 5 metres back so throw distance is not an issue.

please help me resolve my problem.

thanks for your time all.



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A few thoughts:-

1. Have you tried the auto button?

2. Is the video in set correctly ie Video, Svideo, YCrCb, RGB etc.

3. Have you tried factory defaults in the Setup menu.

Hope this helps.


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hi there, thanks for those suggestions. They reminded me to go through the options I had configured and I found that it had been set to 4:3 and not 16:9...I guess there must have been a power cut or something to reset its memory.

Doing that now means I get brightness/contrast diaplsying at the bottom of the projector if only I can work out how to increase the picture size without using the zoom or aspect ratio...

thanks for your help



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Not sure exactly what you mean, but if you are trying to get the picture to expand to fill the lit area I don't think that this can be done on any HT200 series machine.

I had an HT200 and that always had a "light halo" extending beyond the screen. I think it's the same for the 200DM & DMF. I now have an HT300 which has a true 16:9 chip and there is no halo.

If this is what you are talking about, I think it's a case of either living with the light spill, as I did, or masking around the screen with black felt or velvet material to extend the black screen border and thus absorb the light spill.

The only ways I know of for increasing size of image are zoom, aspect ratio or moving the projector further back.


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I really hate to say this but.....I don't think there is any substitute here other than setting an hour aside for yourself and reading the manual. All will then be clear and you can start enjoying watching this fine projector (after all you've spent enough ££££ on it!).

There are two type of, which you have been using and which blows up digitally a part of the frame, and optical which makes the whole picture bigger. If the remote is the same as the Sim2 200DM then the optical zoom is activated with a button to the bottom left of the remote (I think 3rd from bottom if I remember correctly). the manual (if you have one) sat in front of the projector with remote in hand to try things out. You'll thank me for it!

Ian Guinan


hi there all, thanks for your help on this. I guess the answer is that I can't do anything about it at my current place because the throw is the improtant factor. To make my screen bigger I just have to move my projector back (or so I believe).

As for the manual, it is rubish for anyone (like me) who has just bought there first projector and doesn't understand what the heck component video delay is....and so thats what these boards are for :)

thanks for your help all


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