Help me with mile high before my controller breaks...


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Right I' decided to pick up Call of duty 4 the other day, to see what the fuss is about.

Ran through it on normal then decided to try veteran as loads of people talk about how tough it is.

Well it's been frustrating at times but I've done it in a few solid days of playthrough, only need mile high to do before I'm finished with this game.

Does anyone have any tips, I've tried watching youtube vids, the guys make it looks so easy.
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Check out other youtube videos too - some guys on there have different strategies to others. I made the crazy decision to try and do it again once I've got the achievement (for a friend no less!) and found a particular method to be most effective. Trial and error is the best way forward :thumbsup:

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I honestly believe you'll get a better response by posting in the, already established, "Mile High Club" thread that bearman has suggested. That way, all those that are still subscribed to it, will be alerted to your request for help. There's heaps of advice in that thread, and it's where I've posted all of my helpful tips for getting the achievement. So, I strongly recommend you take a look there. It really isn't necessary to start a new thread on the same subject... :)

HTH :thumbsup:


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Maybe I should go back and give it another try.


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I finally got it, :arty: looks like the P90 is the key.

First time I picked it up I end up doing it, my hands were so sweaty when it came to the headshot though, as it was the first time I ever got to that part. :eek:

Congratualtions pal ! :thumbsup:

I was halfway through writing a bit of a lenghty walkthrough of the method I use when I had to go to lunch and came back and you've done it. ;)

P.S. Now go back and do it with aim assist off ...... I'm kidding, I'm kidding :D

Well done mate ... enjoy the glory of one of gamings best achievements.


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Do you get the achievement with aim assist on?

If so no wonder it took me so bloody long, Someone told me it had to be off for any veteran achievements. :eek:


You've been had mate :suicide:


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Congrats Jay - I still remember the night I got that achievement - one of the most satisfying achievements ever!

I didn't even know COD4 had aim assist - thought that was only the Treyarch games. :oops:


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Do you get the achievement with aim assist on?

If so no wonder it took me so bloody long, Someone told me it had to be off for any veteran achievements. :eek:

I'm gonna give it a try with aim assist on later to see how easy (or hard) it is

Only achievement I've got left is the intel one, I'll run through on recruit for that though :D

Haha I had no idea you'd been told that, I just added the "aim assist off" bit for a laugh ... I've done MHC 5 times 3 with it on and 2 with it off .... doesn't make too much difference on that level for me as I mainly shoot from the hip all the way through it.

But in saying that you have done well to get through the rest of the levels on Vet with the assist off ! :smashin:

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Well done Jay - definitely one of the most difficult achievements to get, but definitely one of the most rewarding.

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